Texas could be the 29th state in the nation to pass a law banning smoking statewide.  This law would be for indoor and outdoor workplaces, including bars and restaurants. 

Ninety-six billion dollars are spent annually in health care costs because of smoking-related diseases. State Senator Rodney Ellis says employees are more at risk in environments that allow smoking than any other place. There are exceptions to the ban. The ban would not apply to outdoor patios designated for smoking and specialized tobacco bars opened before 2013.

In 2011, there was a poll and about 70 percent of Texans would support a statewide smoking ban. The senator says he has tried to get the ban passed before and failed, but he says he going to keep on pushing it.

In 2005, Austin became the first Texas city to ban smoking in bars and restaurants and as one does others tend to follow. Now there are many other Texas city's that have that smoke-free protection.

Would you support a smoking ban?