So I got home from work the other day and my son was headed to the bathroom when I hear a scream.  "Bugs, bugs, bugs, they are everywhere," of course that would freak anybody out, but when you see thousands, possible millions of ants covering your white tiled bathroom, making the floor black that is an entirely different story.

My hall bathroom was covered in sugar ants.  Once I got Ethan calmed down and I stopped my freak-out, I realized that I better go check my other bathroom and would you know it, they covered that one as well.

So I found the ant killer and took those little tiny ants out.

So from what I gather, the heat isn't just affecting us as humans, it is also affecting the little tiny bugs that drive us up the wall.  I couldn't figure out where all these ants came from, I don't have a window in my hall bathroom.   Then it dawned on me they are sneaking into my house from under the toilet.  Yes, the bathrooms in my house are the coolest places, but I am assuming you will find plenty of water around the pipes underneath the toilet.

The ant killer worked and the vacuum cleaned up their little dead ant carcuses, but that will be a mental picture I will never get out of my head.

Hmmm...a sequel to Joe's Apartment,  "Welcome to Lori's Bathroom".  The difference is I keep my house clean.