Have you seen this random toilet in Amarillo?  Well it has mysteriously been showing up in random yards in Amarillo.  Why would anyone put a toilet this crazy in their front yard.  You would think it just screams trouble.  Help us with The Great Toilet Caper.

If the thought of this toilet in your front yard scares you, then you better be ready to hand over $10 if it shows up in your yard.

The Great Toilet Caper is a fundraiser for Impact Futures.

Impact Futures! is an organization who's mission is:

Provide awareness of substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment services in the Texas Panhandle. We provide opportunities for collaboration and partnerships of interested members. Respond to opportunities requiring a community coalition.

It takes funding to help a program like this succeed.  So they created The Great Toilet Caper to raise funds.

So how does The Great Toilet Caper work?

Well if you find the toilet sitting in your yard one morning as you head off to work, or you find it in your yard coming home from work, then it will cost you $10 to Impact Futures to have the toilet removed.

For a $25 donation you can have the toilet placed in somebody's yard.

Now if you don't want to have to deal with getting "toileted" then you can buy Toilet Insurance for just $5.

The Great Toilet Caper is to "Help Flush Substance Abuse Out of Amarillo".

For more information or to have someone "toileted," call 806-626-5010.