With Easter coming up this weekend, the PEEPS® have hatched into beautiful color.  Pink, yellow, blue, just to name a few.  So the question that I find myself asking is how do you eat a PEEP®?

Where does one start?  The head, tail or right in the middle? Do you go with the chick or do you go with the bunny?

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

In a recent survey by PEEPS®, they asked how do you like to eat your Peeps?

65% bite the head off first.

16% nibble all over the body

13% eat the tail first.

Of those people surveyed 78% like their PEEPS® fresh and 38% like them slightly stale.

I personally cannot imagine eating a stale PEEP®.  Ick!

Either way PEEPS® are the must have in the Easter Basket this year

Let's you PEEPS® opinion  be known Take their Survey here.