Today is International Beer Day, and as if you needed and excuse to drink beer, here's the Top 5 reasons to drink beer.

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  • It Can Improve Your Memory

    Oregon State University conducted a study and found that the hops in beer contain a compound xanthohumol.  Xanthohumol when tested in mice improved their cognitive flexibiltiy.

    So according to this theory, drink beer remember more.

  • It Could Help Prevent Breast Cancer

  • It Can Help Prevent Colds

    The Sapporo Medical University in Japan conducted a study that found beer can help beat colds.  Apparently a compound humulone found in beer can help fight the RS Virus.

  • It Can Make Your Smarter

    Another study by the University of Illinois at Chicago found that drinking beer makes you smarter.  They studied 40 different men and half were given beer while the other half were not and they were asked to play a game.  The men who were given the beer solved more of the problems and solved them faster than the men who didn't.

    So if you friend seems like a genius after a few beers, it's quite possible he is in that moment.

  • Beer is Universal

    It doesn't matter where you live, what sex you are, what nationality you are, or what you look like.  Beer is all over the world and there is a beer out there for everyone.

  • Speaking of beer, we have your opportunity to enjoy some great craft beers.

    The Texas Panhandle Craft Beer Festival

    Saturday, August 20th

    Tickets: $30 in advance/$40 at the door or $100 VIP tickets

    Amarillo Civic Center North Exhibit Hall