It is very likely that the Government could shut down on Friday.  That is if and only if they  cannot come to an agreement on a budget. Basically, that means the government stops providing services that aren't "essential" until they can reach a new budget deal.  So how does that affect us as U. S. Citizens?

#1.) Your tax refund could be delayed, especially if you apply by mailing in a return and not using e-file.  Also, the IRS would probably have to stop answering their hotline, so if you want to ask them tax questions next week you're screwed.

#2.) A long delay for newly-eligible people applying to Medicare.

#3.) While the police are considered an ESSENTIAL service, some parts of the police process were cut down in 1995  including case processing, testing, recruitment, hiring, and even work on some non-violent crime cases.

#4.) The National Parks will close immediately, as will museums that rely on federal funding.

#5.) Long delays if you need a passport or visa application.

#6.) NASA will have to stop preparing any space missions.