If it was the first time I had this problem, I probably wouldn't be talking about it but, it keeps happening again and again.So I noticed on Saturday that the dogs and the cat were out of food and since I was out at the Mommy and Me Expo all day, I didn't get a chance to stop by the store.  So Sunday morning, I had to venture out because they were hungry.

I made a stop at Drug Emporium for something else and thought I might get lucky and they would have big bags for both the cat and dog food.  I figured they wouldn't which they didn't and I didn't want to buy the small bags only to turn around and have to go back to the store two days later.

So, I realized that I had to go to Walmart (on a Sunday, is never a good idea), so I ran in and over to the cat aisle and found the cat food.  Then I turned onto the dog aisle and of course they don't have my dog food in stock.  This isn't the first time this has happened.


It isn't as if I feed my dogs a weird brand.  I feed them Purina Dog Chow and apparently that is what everyone in Amarillo feeds their dogs. If this was the first time this has happened like I said I wouldn't have said anything but this happens almost every single time and at multiple Walmarts across the city.  They never seem to keep the Purina in stock.

You might be saying well Lori why don't you just buy another brand of dog food this one time. I would love to but I cannot afford the Pedigree and I was told by a vet that the Old Roy brand rots their teeth and both my dogs have teeth issues.  That and a change in dog food brings horrible gaseous results.

I tried to ask a group of associates if they had any in the back, but after 5 minutes of standing there waiting for them to end their conversation berating another employee I decided that I was done.  I grabbed the yellow bag of Purina and hoped that it wouldn't cause them intestinal distress, it was the same brand after all just the Little Bites.

I guess I could always go online and buy the dog food and do a store pickup.  At least it would be in stock.

So my question is, am I just this unlucky when it comes to dog food or does this happen to you?

What other product do you use that is never in stock at your favorite store.