I hope you an your family had a wonderful weekend.  I know Ethan and I did.  It was one of those reflective weekends.  I don't necessarily think it was because of Easter, it was just one of those great weekends.

It all started Friday morning when my friend Michelle called me and asked what I was doing Friday night, my reply of course was, "absolutely nothing."  She said good and said we were finally going to see a movie we have been talking about going to see for months.    You see I don't get to go and see a lot of adult movies, (meaning non-animated, non-action hero movies) because I usually don't have a babysitter for E.  She worked it out to where her kids and E could go and watch Rio 2, while we went and watched God's Not Dead.

This movie is very eye opening and for me it kind of filled my heart up and opened it up.  I would highly recommend this movie.  It doesn't matter if you are a Christian, non-christian, atheist, etc.   It makes you think.

I will admit I leaned over to Michelle in the middle of the movie and said "someone needs to punch Superman and Hercules in the throat."  Even though that wasn't very nice if you watch the movie you'll understand.

Even though the movie touched on a much deeper subject, there was one line in the movie that sent me over the edge and a light bulb went off.

To the wrong person you will never have any worth.  To the right person you will mean everything.

I have seen so many people settle, myself included because they didn't want to be lonely or whatever.  However, this quote says it all.  So for my single friends out there memorize this quote and don't settle for anything else.

So anyway, my Friday was reflective.

Saturday was a fun day as well.  Even though I woke up to something very irritating, the rest of the day turned out great.

Lori Crofford

I was able to spend some time at Ashley furniture with Mix and hand out some Easter eggs.  I gave away gift cards and a few event tickets.  However, I think most of the people I talked to were happy to get the Milky Ways and Twix bars I was handing out.

Saturday afternoon I got to bake a cheesecake, spend with family then attend church (I cannot begin to tell you how much I love Saturday church).  I was excited about Easter services because they are always great!  However, earlier in the week I was asked to help out with a video (I do not like being on camera, I would much rather be behind a mic) but I rose to the challenge.  I had stressed the rest of the week about how it would turn out and how I would look.  It was all for naught because the video turned out great!  I was glad to be a part of it.

Saturday night after dinner, the rest of the family left and I was reading a book and E was blowing things up in Minecraft.  He walked up to my chair and said, "Momma, I'm tired and I'm ready to go to bed."  I was shocked because on the weekends he never wants to go to bed early. Then it dawned on me, The Easter Bunny.   So I went and threw the brisket in the oven and we went and jumped in my bed and cuddled.  There is something about cuddling with your child that makes life perfect.  He was soon out like a light!  I read for a little while longer and then turned the light out and went to sleep.  Do you know what happened?  That silly Easter Bunny came in the night!  Silly Bunny!

Lori Crofford

Easter Sunday is always a great day.  I woke up before Ethan and went into the kitchen to check the brisket that had been slow cooking all night and then into the living room to watch a adult movie (you know non-animated, non-action hero movies, non-kid movie), that I had recorded.   About half way into it E comes in rubbing his just opened eyes looking around.  I asked him what he was looking for, "nothing Momma," he said with a sad face.  I told him to go look by the side of the bed he was sleeping.  He bolts for the bedroom, then back in the living room with a basket full of goodies.

Lori Crofford

Then we went and had lunch with a close friend and her family.  The kids played, we cooked and I met someone new.  We enjoyed out Easter meal, including an amazing new dish my friend Jennelle made, baked potato salad and ended the meal with  cheesecake I made the day before.  YUM!   The kids hunted their Easter eggs and then we went home.  I finished the book I started Thursday night.  I was reading Heaven Is For Real.  I highly recommend the book.  Now I want to go see the movie.  However, I had to finish the book before I saw the movie.  E and I had left over brisket and baked potato salad burritos for dinner and he did his homework then off to bed.

I played a few games on my phone then I headed off to bed.

It was an amazing weekend.  I haven't had a weekend like that in a long time.  Reflective, fun and just all around great.  Plus, the three rain storms and rainbows we got yesterday were amazing!

Now, I still have a pile of dishes in my sink, I still have laundry in the washer and dryer and my floor needs to be swept. This weekend wasn't about a perfect house, the laundry being done, or the floors getting swept and mopped.  It was about living life and having a great time.

To top it all off, as I'm pulling out of my driveway this morning, my new grass was sprouting and growing.  Woo Hoo!

So to quote an awesome movie and a saying that has been around forever, "God is good all the time.  All the time God is good!"

I hope you had an awesome weekend as well.  I would love to hear about your weekend.  Feel free to comment below or send me an email or drop me a message on Facebook or Twitter - @loricrofford