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A certain politician with an incredibly terrible beard is eating massive amounts of crow after abandoning his constituatients, and his dog. Some argue, "What could he have done?" Well, if he had the incentive to do anything like any number of other people, he could have done a lot. But I'd rather not dwell on what wasn't done, and instead, focus on those who are helping Texas.

Country artist and stunning native Texas beauty Kacey Musgraves is selling shirts, with funds going to Texans in need.

Houston native and megastar Beyonce is using her foundation to provide relief grants that folks can apply for, "Texas residents affected by the storm can apply for up to $1,000 in aid."

Beto O'Rourke ran a virtual phone bank to contact seniors to ensure they had rides to a place of warmth. It is criminal how ofter seniors get forgotten in times of panic, and I am so grateful that Beto was looking out for them.

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has been vilified throughout Texas press for years, has raised over 2 million dollars for Texans in need and is flying down to distribute supplies. She has every reason to be salty toward the Lone Star State, but has instead decided to truly help and lead where it's needed most.

I don't care what "team" you're on, because we no longer have the luxury to play games. Homes are flooded and destroyed. People are still without electricity and water. Stores are emptying out.

I am thanking God I live in Lubbock and off the ERCOT grid. But I am still biting my nails to the quick over the well-being of my friends in Austin, Houston, Denton, and more cities throughout Texas.

All I ask of you is to have a memory longer than a guppy, and vote with your conscience come election time.

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