Should news be available to you for free?  If a news organization in town is there to report the news, should you have to pay for it?  The Amarillo Globe News is going to start charging Amarillo residents to view their website.

As with many newspapers across the country,  their subscribers have dropped.  People don't seem to subscribe to the newspaper any more because the news is available to you 24/7 online.

Well, a lot of newspapers have started charging their subscribers to view the news online and the great thing about the Amarillo Globe News was that they didn't charge to view the news.  However, that is changed.   Once you have reached what they think is an acceptable amount of views (which seems to be 15 page views) to their site you will now have to pay.

The cost is $16 per month to view their news online.

The good news is, although we are not a news organization, we won't charge you to use our websites.