I blogged the other day that Monster's Inc. was getting a sequel and that got me thinking about the best Disney/Pixar movies ever. 

1. Monsters Inc.

I love this story.  It has friendship, love, and suspense, and of course a big fluffy monster that you just want to hug.

2. Cars

You can't go wrong with racing, especially when it involves a world of talking cars.  What's even better, the creators of this story actually drove cross country and created the movie from what they saw.  Every little piece or Radiator Springs is a piece of America.  The best thing about this movie, "My name is Tow Mater, like tamater without the Ta."

3.Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 was my favorite of all the Toy Story movies.  I know Toy Story was the original Pixar movie (minus the shorts of course) but the 3rd one...it left me speechless and in tears, and it was so touching.  That is just from an adult perspective.

4. Finding Nemo

You cannot go wrong with fish!  This movie has a wide range of characters and all were outstanding!  A angel fish with short term memory loss, "Must keep swimming, must keep swimming", a sufer dude turtle, a nagging dad who nags out of love, and more.  All on a mission to save a son.

5. The Incredibles

Superheros who aren't allowed to be superheros.  An entire family hiding their powers.  A husband who feels less than who he was, breaks out of the mundane world to regain the power of his superhero days.  He does this only to find out he's fighting to save the superheros who are being killed off one by one.  Then his family finds out he's superheroing again  and joins in to save the day.  The bonus: the superhero outfits of the entire family and of course Baby Jack!

My honorable mentions:
Up.  What movie makes you cry in the first 5 minutes?  Squirrel!

Wall-E.  You fall in love with Wall-E the first minute you meet him.  It just takes Eve-a a little more time to realize it.

So what Disney/Pixar Movies made your list?  How would you rank the best Disney/Pixar?

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