Let's face it... going through TSA airport security can be a pain in the rear. Sometimes standing in long lines, having to take off belts, shoes, bulky clothing, an occasional grouchy agent, and then being pulled aside to have your bags searched. From experience I can tell you we have it easy in Amarillo. I have flown through a bunch of airports and so far the quickest and nicest TSA experience has been in Amarillo. But, even that is about to get even easier!

Rick Husband International Airport is allowing passengers to enroll in the growing TSA PreCheck expedited screening program right here in Amarillo. Anyone who qualifies to get into the program will be able to go through special screening lines at over 180 airports including Amarillo. The program is designed to identify low risk travelers who do not have to remove shoes, liquids, laptops, outerwear, or belts.

Credit: TSA
Credit: TSA

The temporary enrollment center will be opening at Rick Husband International starting on Monday, August 14th and will be opening through Friday, August 18th. During that week you can visit the center between 7am and 7pm. This center will allow panhandle residents a chance to enroll without have to drive hundreds of miles to the next closest major airport center.

If you fly a lot, then you will find TSA PreCheck is totally worth the $85 cost for 5 years. No, sorry it isn't free.

To start the enrollment process, interested air travelers should go to www.identogo.com/tsa-precheck. Once registered, enrollees should select “AMA – Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport” as their enrollment location and select an available time. Proof of identity and U.S. citizenship is required at the time of enrollment. See http://www.tsa.gov/tsa-precheck/required-documentation for a complete list of required documents.

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