Lana Del Rey used to be known as Lizzy Grant, but was she also known as an addict? The ‘Blue Jeans’ singer made a surprising revelation on YouTube this week leading fans to believe she may have been hooked on methamphetamine.

Some backstory: Del Rey released her video for ‘Carmen’ last week. The clip is predominantly happy summer scenes in New York City (Del Rey’s homebase), but also features snippets of dark, drug-related images. These shots include pictures of chemical strains of meth (labeled as such) as well as an audio bite asking, “How does meth change our brains?”

A fan commented on the video expressing how much it meant to her:

My best friend in the world just got clean off meth a few months ago, and when I showed her this song we realized this song hit such a soft spot for both of us … as soon as I watched the video and saw the “how does meth change our brains” part I just lost it and bawled my eyes out … It’s like this song has a hidden meaning only my friend and I can understand, and I wish I could meet Lana and tell her how her music affected us, but I know she’ll never see this. :( Love her.

Del Rey did see it, though, and left a moving and revealing response. “I see you,” Del Rey wrote. “Love you. I got clean too, so I know how it goes.”

Del Rey never specified what she got clean from, but seeing as she called the ‘Carmen’ clip a “biopic,” it would lead fans and viewers to believe that she may have been into the extremely dangerous substance. In any case, we’re glad she’s healthy and happy now — and that she’s sharing her struggle with her fans. It humanizes the glamazon starlet and clearly means a lot to those who admire her.

Watch Lana Del Rey, ‘Carmen’ Video

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