Since when did parents get so stupid, at least that's the way TV shows, commercials and cartoons portray us.  We are the idiots, and our children are more knowledgeable about everything.


There are no contract phone commercials with little kids explaining how a no contract phone is the smart way to get phones and the parents are portrayed as ignorant and downright child like when making the decision.  A popular kid’s show shows the parents in a light of complete idiocy, and the kids feel so bad they have to hide the truth from their poor parents.  Then another commercial where the teen is trying to explain how fast his new phone is and the dad is completely confused, so he has to dumb down his explanation.

Now I get that teens think their parents aren’t knowledgeable at times.  As a matter of fact we were just discussing this with my 16 year old daughter, she is sure everyone else knows the answer before us.  But is this the new norm in all of society? Is every adult a complete idiot and we need our teenagers and even young children to come rescue us?  Last time I checked I have learned a few things along this road of 30 something years.  Last time I checked I have gained some wisdom.   I am pretty sure I understand the ins and outs of contract/no contract phones.

But when did it become OK for parents to be dumbed down.  On cartoons, shouldn’t we be portrayed more as heroes or at least decent helpers, or are children now in advertising and TV production.  If a company wants my money maybe it is time they talk to me and in a better light.

What happened to the Cosby days of TV where parents were intelligent, helpful and encouraging?  That’s the example of a good parenting I watched.  Now the examples are starting to scare me.  Guess I will have to be the example to my children.  Hopefully I can capture their attention more than cable TV.

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