15 Things You Didn't Know About Stranger Things

Halloween is near. While most of you will be getting decked out for the year’s candy reaping festivities, some of us are opting to binge-watch Stranger Things for the third time. Then again, dressing as Barb Holland this year does sound tempting — maybe for kicks, who knows?

We’ve gotten way in over our heads with Netflix’s new paranormal series, and the young stars who brought the show its massive popularity since being released over the summer. With Season 2 on the horizon for 2017, we’re a bit overwhelmed with excitement that our favorite juvies will be making their return next year.

To hold you over until then, we’re unfolding some little-known facts about Stranger Things. And while there isn't much we'd have changed about the show ourselves, even we were taken aback by all the secret happenings that went into creating the sci-fi series.

Check out our gallery above to learn 15 things you might not have known about Stranger Things.

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