Waffle House is legendary for a few things- one, for having hangover-curing food, and two, also occasionally devolving into sheer shenanigans. Here, have a delightful Waffle House meme:

Waffle House Meme
Waffle House Meme

Honestly, it's not Waffle House's fault that wild things happen there- it's a by-product of being open very late and serving food intended to "soak it up" for drunk people.

Recently, an extremely chaotic thing happened at an Austin, Texas Waffle House. Aptly referred to as a "straight-up WWE match."

WARNING: Language in this video is NOT safe for work:

There's no telling whether the customers or the staff started the yelling, but a customer escalates the tension by standing on the counter. Not to be mean, but her friend attempts to follow suit and falls off quite hilariously. The whole thing looks as if it was choreographed for laughs.

My favorite part? The employee who casually deflected the chair as if this type of thing happens once a week.

Of course, there were some great comments on the Twitter thread as well.

Ayoooo somebody said this look like the Salty Spitoon from SpongeBob

No bubble-blowing babies are allowed at this Waffle House.

I also particularly love this gif comment:

Another commenter brought up a thought-provoking point:

Okay but why was this camera quality better than like 100% of anything that’s ever recorded on a phone.

Seriously! Tell us what phone you have so we can make our own cinematic masterpieces.

We may never know what caused this fight, but what's worse, we may never know if any of those innocent bystanders ever got their waffles. A true tragedy.

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