This is a sign that was displayed outside R&R Appliances on the corner of Walnut and N 10th street in Abilene. The sign is trending on twitter and the husband of Kellyanne Conway and a critic of President Trump retweeted the photo which states No Democrates (sic) Allowed. We're pretty sure he meant Democrats.

77-year-old Gary Rutledge owns R&R Appliances said "I don't want to put up with them."  Rutledge didn't know he was trending on Twitter, however he has been swamped with calls both good and bad.

"I have the right to freedom of speech, I've given fair warning. Don't come in my store," said Rutledge. He claims the Democrats stole the Presidency and went on to say he does not hate Democrats, he just doesn’t want them around him.

Universal Images Group via Getty
Universal Images Group via Getty

A Pew Research Center study showed:

Republicans and Democrats agree on very little in the current political environment, but there is a widespread belief in both parties that partisan divisions in the country are increasing. Among the public overall, 78% say divisions between Republicans and Democrats in this country are increasing, while just 6% say they are decreasing and 16% say they are staying the same.

Large majorities in both parties say partisan divisions are increasing, though Republicans are somewhat more likely than Democrats to express this view (85% vs. 78%).

A majority of Americans (55%) say there is a “great deal” of difference in what the Republican and Democratic parties stand for, while 37% see a “fair amount” of difference and 7% say there is “hardly any” difference between the two parties.

Rutledge said he’s not taking the sign down, but he may correct the spelling.



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