I took my son on a small adventure on Saturday.  It was an adventure in our own city.  I'm embarrassed to say this, I took my son to a museum that I didn't know existed in Amarillo until a couple of weeks ago.  We went and explored the Texas Air and Space Museum. 

Photo Courtesy: Lori Crofford

Amarillo has the most amazing aircraft and space museum.  It's located near the Rick Husband International Airport and has some of the greatest historical aircraft on display.

Plus you can actually get inside most of the aircraft and explore.

E is such a history buff and since his Pepaw is a small airlpane pilot, he has gotten a bit obsessed with airplanes and the history of our wars, and wants to learn about all the airplanes and how they were used in WWII and Vietnam.  He's pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the history and types of planes. The same goes for helicopters  When I found out about this gem in Amarillo, I knew I had to take him.

Photo Courtesy: Lori Crofford

The museum isn't large, but they provide a guided tour of the facility and the aircraft.  This museum has such great history of not only airplanes, but helicopters, gliders and artifacts from the space shuttles as well.

Plus they have some amazing models of aircraft that have been used over the years.

Photo Courtesy: Lori Crofford

E was able to learn so much new information.  He asked a lot of questions and the tour guide was so patient and answered all of them.  It was funny, some of the other folks on the tour leaned over and told me, "man he knows a lot about planes doesn't he."  Of course my reply was always, "it's his obsession at the moment."

It was a great place to check out.  Not only was E super excited, I learned so much as well.

Photo Courtesy: Lori Crofford

The Texas Air and Space Museum is located at 10001 American Dr.  It's a bit hidden and you have to have your eyes open to find it.  Oh and as a side note, don't follow the maps on your phone, since I was exactly sure where the museum was, I used the GPS on my phone, it tried to take me to the airport.  It's not at the actual airport.

The museum is in the same building at the English Field Aviation, it's on the west side.

Admission is free, but they do take donations.

Hours are Monday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm, closed on Sunday.

The museum will be moving to a new location in the distant future with more aircraft and more history to be on display.

As long as you are in the area, before or after your museum visit you should head up the road to the English Field House Restaurant.  It's a great place for breakfast and lunch and have a great menu.  A huge selection of omelettes and more for breakfast.  A great selection of sandwiches and burgers and more.  It was great food and we can't wait to go back!

Photo Courtesy: Lori Crofford