Christmas Is Here In Amarillo
I'm an El Paso native who moved to Amarillo years ago, and I've tried to acclimate myself to the panhandle. I crave Chicken Fried Steak,I hate on Lubbock, and I go outside when I hear the tornado siren. There are a few things I miss, from my hometown and one of those is "Christmas.&qu…
Amarillo Eateries Take the Cooking Stress Out of Thanksgiving
Let's face it the holidays are just around the corner and the stress of planning is starting to rear it's little head. Why stress over holiday meals when you can let someone take over and cook it for you. Here are some great places in Amarillo that can cook up your Thanksgiving meal and…
Halloween Candy – Best and Worst of 2018
When it comes to trick-or-treating, or trunk-or-treating, or carnivals etc., our kids get a ton of Halloween candy. Let's face it, some of it is amazing, some of it not so much. What is the best and worst Halloween candy?
The Perfect Texas Groom’s Cake
There are many decisions to make before most weddings can happen. As the groom in my wedding, I have was asked a lot of questions, that required a yes or no answer.
Amarillo Named One of the Best Foodie Cities in America
When it comes to food, Amarillo knows it's stuff. Yes, we aren't the biggest city, but we aren't the smallest and we have some amazing talented chefs, that know how to bring it when it comes to the food game. We have folks who love to eat food, from home cooking to eclectic.
Canadian Thanksgivings, vs. Ours
Canada celebrates Thanksgiving before we do. Ours is November of course, while Canada celebrates theirs, on the second Monday of October. While Americans eat turkey, watch football, nap, and eat again, Canadians are bit more laid back
Here’s the #1 Halloween Candy in Texas for 2018
Halloween is coming up soon and you have to get prepared. You have to have the best Halloween Candy. Of course you save the chocolate for yourself. Candy is a huge part of this holiday. I mean, why else would you go trick or treating? For the candy!

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