Red, Green, Or Christmas?
The chips hit the table and then the hot sauce. Some Mexican restaurants will default to the red sauce and others will give you a choice. Enchiladas are being offered with red or green sauce more frequently.. What if you want both? You call it "Christmas."
It’s Most Delicious Time Of The Year
I look forward to Christmas for the same reasons you do. See the family, celebrate traditions, and of course, eat the goodies. I've been on the panhandle air waves, a long time and that comes with delicious consequences.
Most Popular Christmas Candy in Texas Is…
Let's face it Christmas is about food. I know, I know, Christmas is about family and friends, giving and the birth of Jesus, but c'mon, it's about food. We eat a ton of food during this time of year and 1/2 a ton of candy, so it's no surprise that Texas has a popular candy.
It’s Gotta Be Apple Pie
Sometimes only pie will do. Your cravings hone in on one specific thing and your life will be unfulfilled until you have it. Not cake. Not cobbler. Pie!
Amarillo Would Be Okay With Poke
We spent Thanksgiving with our oldest son in Austin this year. We did the traditional turkey meal, and of course we scouted out BBQ. For our last night, our son suggested poke-pronounced po-kay. Ok!

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