After posting today about the most shoplifted items today, I ran across a awesome story about a elderly man who returned money to a Sears store he stole from 60 years ago.

Even though this elderly gentlemen did a bad and wrong thing 60 years ago, he made an effort to to make sure he paid back the money he stole and then some.  I find it refreshing that people still have a conscience.

When I was little, I remember stealing a piece of gum from a store in my hometown.  It was an individually wrapped piece of gum that was shaped like a flower.  It probably cost 5 cents but I grabbed it and put it in my pocket and walked right out of the store.  It still haunts me to this day.  If I could go back and pay the store for it I would but unfortunately the store has been out of business for years.  I really hope my stealing that tiny little piece of gum didn't start the downfall of the business.

If a piece of gum has haunted me for over 30 years I can only imagine how this man was haunted for over 60 and over money.

However, this Christmas season, I am glad to know that people still have good in them.

I'm also glad to hear that the Sears store will donate that money to a charity.

Have you ever stole anything that you regretted years later?