Today, I want to share with you a story about a sweet family.  A family I go to church with.  I don't know this family.  I have said hi  to them in passing at church and at a restaurant. However, their family story has touched me and I just wanted to share with you a bit about it because they could use all the prayers they can get.

Little Noah was born in September.  His mommy and daddy were told before he was born he had a problem with his heart, the left side of his heart wasn't developing properly and would have to have surgery after he was born.

Noah was born on September 24th in Dallas and had open heart surgery the first few days of his life.

Noah finally got to cuddle in his momma's arms on November 7th.


I cannot imagine going over 45 days without holding my baby for the first time.

Little Noah has been in the hospital going on three months now, and has never seen his home.  His home has been a NICU in a hospital.  Mom stays in Dallas most of the time with Noah while dad is home, with Noah's big sister, and travels back and forth when he can.

Noah had another surgery yesterday to repair his heart and the doctors were pleased. Noah still has a long road a head of him and must recover and heal from this surgery.

So I ask for your prayers for this sweet little baby and his mom, dad, and big sister.  Noah will triumph.  Noah is a true miracle by God and a sweet precious baby boy who is loved my many, family, friends and strangers alike.

I asked that you keep this family in your prayers and lift them up each day and pray that God heals this little boy and gets him and his family back home to Amarillo as soon as possible.

This family is faithful and strong and they have brought an amazing little boy into this world.

Little Noah is a fighter.