As you may or may not know, I grew up in Hereford.  That's where my love for breakfast burritos started.  We had this little hut (and I mean little), that was called Juanita's Express Burritos.  That is where the best burritos were made day after day.  They had the best burritos hands down, breakfast and lunchtime.  However, since I am writing about breakfast burritos, Juanita's is where I fell in love with the chorizo, potato, egg and cheese burrito.

Although, Juanita's is gone and I live in Amarillo, I still love a good breakfast burrito.  So here are my top 5 choices for a great breakfast burrito in Amarillo.

5. Sonic


I know that may sound a bit weird to add this to the list of breakfast burritos in Amarillo but their SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito is yummy.

4. Taqueria El Tapatio - 3410 S Coulter St

These burritos are packed full of flavor and are very affordable.

3. Hud's - Just off 45th and Bell and Coulter before Wolflin

You know this place has a good breakfast burrito when you turn on to Bell from 45th and see the line of cars in the road trying to get their morning breakfast.

2. GJ's Cafe and Grill - 3609 SW 45th


A good homemade egg and sausage burrito and their hot sauce to top it off, well, let's just say my morning was made today.

1. Lupita's -4013 E 10th Ave

OMGosh!  Their Chile Verde burrito with beans is a burrito dream.  Yes, it is spicy but it is delicious.  On those days I cannot handle the spice their beef and potato or egg and sausage burritos are just as good.


I'm sure a missed your favorite, so if it didn't make it on the list, tell me!  I want to venture out and try more breakfast burritos.