It's summertime and it's almost hot.  So why not cool off with a nice sweet creamy treat, ice cream.  Ice Cream makes people happy, and apparently it motivates people as well.  What do you say, let's get happy and motivated with some great ice cream and here's where you can get it in Amarillo.

1. Malcolm's Ice Cream and Food Temptations

Malcolm's is a local place to get some really great food, but they have really great ice cream treats and that is the reason to go.

Yelp via David A.

2. Dairy Queen

You might be thinking, Dairy Queen at #2 really. Yes, really! I included Dairy Queen because of one thing, the dip cone. They are delicious and hit the spot. I know the Blizzards are good, but it's the dip cones that make life worth living.


Yelp via Tracy A.

3. Cowboy Gelato

If you haven't made a trip to 6th Street to enjoy a big 'ol scoop or two of some of this Italian ice cream then this is a must.  They have some really great flavors and even some strange flavors that seem to work and tickle your taste buds.

Yelp via Kausik S.

4. Braum's

I have always loved dropping by Braum's and enjoying their ice cream. We stopped by on Memorial Day and my son had a double scoop of their ice cream. When we really want a treat we go to Braum's for a banana split. I remember on of the first times my boyfriend came to Amarillo to see me, we drove past Braum's and his eyes lit up, "you have Braum's here?" This is when I learned there isn't a Braum's in sight in Lubbock.

Yelp via Emily J.

5. Baskin-Robbins

I remember going to Baskin-Robbins as a kid when it was originally in Amarillo. You know 31 flavors. How would I choose what to eat. Then sadly it went away. Fast forward 30 years and it's back in Amarillo. So if it's been a few decades since you have tried Baskin-Robbins go check it out!

Yelp via Ashley C

Where is Amarillo is your favorite ice cream:?