Don't worry it was just a nasty rumor that went viral.  Social media went into an uproar.  Twitter, Facebook and the web went into overdrive yesterday evening when someone started a rumor that Jon Bon Jovi had died.  Then the news went viral.  Tweet after Tweet, and post after post on facebook.  Rest assured, the well known and well loved Jon Bon Jovi is alive and well and even found some humor in hearing that he had died.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

The rumor originated when some lame gossip site reproduced a 2009 L.A. Times story announcing the death of Michael Jackson and just put Jon Bon's name in there.

Jon Bon Jovi is alive and well in New Jersey and he even got in on the fun by uploading a picture  of himself on the band's facebook page.  He is standing in front of the Christmas tree and a sign that ready "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey," which included the date and time.