We haven't heard a lot about Bret in the news lately or his health.  However, Bret Michaels will finally have surgery to repair a hole in his heart.  Nothing is going to keep this man down.

On Saturday, he said, quote, "Barring any complications, I should be out within three to four days.

--"Then, I will be down (resting) for three weeks. I don't know if I can sit around for that long, but I'll try my best."

--Bret still isn't completely recovered from the brain hemorrhage he suffered last April . . . but he's getting there.

--He said, quote, "I've done a lot of neurological tests, and they say I'm about 95% there.

--"I still have a little 'funk' with my left hand that I haven't quite figured out, but I think with a little more therapy, by one full year (after the hemorrhage), I'll be as good as I'm going to get."

--One last note: Bret says he still hasn't set a date with his new fiancée, Kristi Gibson . . . quote, "It may be the longest engagement in history, but I took the next step."