Movie Trivia: The Wizard Of Oz [VIDEO]
It's hard to believe that 'The Wizard of Oz,' starring Judy Garland is currently celebrating it's 75th Anniversary.
When it was originally released in 1939 it wasn't an immediate box office blockbuster, but over time and because of the yearly TV airings beginning in the 1970s…
‘Carrie’ Review
For a gal named Carrie White, she's sure got a lot of red on her.
Watching Kimberly Peirce's 'Carrie' is an odd experience. If you've seen Brian De Palma's version from 1976, this new version is - and there's really no point in denying this - like watching a cover band. There's a tweaked scene here a…
Netflix Depression
So if you have a Netflix subscription then you know how it can be when you start a series and go on a Netflix binge.  Then you are at a point where there is one episode left and then it is done and you are left feeling empty and alone.  You aren't alone, it is the beginning of Netflix…

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