I'll admit, I love a good milkshake.  I don't have one very often but  when I do, I go with a coffee flavored milkshake.

I'll admit I am a fan of the Java Chiller at Sonic.  Usually when I treat our family to a milkshake I head over there so I can get a Java Chiller.  Ethan sticks to the vanilla milkshake (which is to die for), however, he must have a cherry and whipped cream on top.

I'll admit Arby's has or had (it has been so long since I have had one) a delicious Jamocha milkshake.  YUM!

If it was any other day I would go and honor National Coffee Milkshake day with a coffee milkshake but since it is Miracle Treat Day and proceeds benefit CMN.  I'll partake of a Blizzard today.  Hmm, I bet I can get a coffee flavored Blizzard.  It's a win-win.