Every year we set up camp at BSA for our Children's Miracle Network Celebration. It's two days that we devote to helping those Miracle Kiddos here in the Panhandle. Over the years we have met many families and heard many stories. Some inspiring, some heartbreaking and some that are ongoing. Three or so years ago, I met one of those kiddos that has become one of my best buddies.

Karon suffers from seizures and has to take medicine to try and help to keep it under control. The seizures also effect her long-term memory. She has been having them since she was 2 years old. Out of 20 different types of seizures, Karon has seven of them. Because of the seizures, there are times where she has to be retaught certain things you and I take for granted, like tying her shoes or being reintroduced to someone she has already met.

I've had the blessing of getting to know Karon and spending time with her. We've had lunch at IHOP and, to celebrate her birthday, we put together some Lego Friends with her brother (Cameron) and little sister (Lily Grace).

I am an avid fan of Miss Karon and she is one of the reasons we do what we do here at Celebration. Your donations help Karon and the other Miracle Kids. Call 806-212-4357 or text GOOD to 90999 for a $5 donation or at www.mix941kmxj.com