We are in the middle of the best two days of the year, the Children's Miracle Network Celebration.  The money raised for CMN in these next few days will stay local to help local kids.  Donations go to help our kids and here is something amazing that donations to CMN created.


If your child was ever in the pediatric unit.  Then you know how dull and gray and boring and just plain sad it was to look at, well now it is a wonderland of amazement.

Judy Lynch and Barry Lynch, parents of CMN kiddo Thomas Lynch, founders the Tri To Make A Difference Triathalon, a huge fundraiser for CMN used part of their funds raised to make the renovations to the pediatric unit.

This has been a big dream and wish of mine and many others for years and this dream has finally come true.

Judy Lynch and artist Auburn Adams spearheaded the new and improved pediatric wing and it is amazing.

Our friends at KAMR and anchor Jackie Kingston talked with Judy Lynch about the renovations.  See the amazing changes here.

Not only is the playroom/family room amazing, each room in the unit has beautiful murals and the courtyard will be finished soon.

The courtyard will be named "The Thomas Bo Lynch Courtyard" in honor of Thomas.

It is amazing to see your donations at work.

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or call 212-4357 now to help.