I was one of the first to jump on when I could get my DVD's by mail.  I loved that I could go online and add the new movies to my cue and they would be sent automatically to my mailbox.  I loved it til the prices kept going up and up and then Redbox came along and I could get my DVD's out of a box for a buck.  Then as a birthday present to Lony I got him a Blu-Ray player and my life was changed again because I could stream Netflix online and order DVD's by mail.  Unfortunately, the days of DVD's by mail are numbered.

Ten years ago Netflix revitalized the DVD rental industry by mailing DVDs to customer that could be mailed back with no late fees. America loved it. But now Netflix says the day of the DVD has come and gone and plans to eliminate them completely from their business model. Netflix has predicted that in about two years their economics will be geared more toward their "Watch Instantly" service so they're nudging their DVD-loyal customers to the new platform.

(Yahoo News)

So what do you think?  Are you upset you won't be able to get DVD's by mail?  For me, I love the streaming feature with Netflix.  You have no idea how many movies that I love that I have watched or T.V. series.  If I want to watch a new release that day then I have my trusty Redbox or I hop on over to Hastings!