Top 10 Movies We Watch Over and Over Again
You know you have done it. You are busy doing something at your house and then it happens. That movie you love is playing on your TV. You stop everything you are doing to watch. These are the movies we watch over and over again.
New DVD and Blu-ray Releases: March 2016
There’s plenty of stuff to keep you busy at the movie theater next month, from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to 10 Cloverfield Lane and all the other titles in between. But if you’re looking to enjoy some movies in the comfort of your home, March brings lots of new releases for yo…
New DVD and Blu-ray Releases: February 2016

If you’re in need of a break from the movie theater next month, there are lots of great titles heading to DVD and Blu-ray in February, including some of last year’s most critically acclaimed releases to help you get caught up before the Oscars. Whether you’re looking to rent or…
New DVD and Blu-ray Releases — December 2013
Looking for stocking stuffers or last minute gift ideas this holiday season? Or maybe you're just looking to splurge on a gift for yourself -- there's no shame in that! There's plenty of great movies heading to DVD and Blu-ray this December, ranging from huge hits to indie favorites a…
Netflix Scraps Idea for Qwikster DVD-by-Mail Service
Netflix has been doing so much backpedaling lately, it’s surprising the company hasn’t adopted a bicycle for its logo.
In the most recent reversal, Netflix announced Monday that it’s scrapping a plan to split its streaming and DVD-by-mail services into two different companies and would instead keep b…
DVD’s By Mail No More
I was one of the first to jump on when I could get my DVD's by mail.  I loved that I could go online and add the new movies to my cue and they would be sent automatically to my mailbox.