I get tired of hearing prices are going up on this and on that, so that is why it is so refreshing to finally hear about prices going down on somethings.

Yes they all seem to be electronics, but hey its nice to know when the TV in the bedroom goes out you won't have to pay the price of your mortgage for a TV.

#1.)  Blu-Ray Players. In 2009, the cheapest one you could get was $76, and was made by a company called Curtis Mathis.  Last year you could get a Samsung Blu-Ray player for $50, and this year the prediction is $39.

#2.)  E-Readers. In 2009, Amazon was selling Kindles for $259.  Right now, you can buy one for $140.  Or, according to experts, you can wait until later this year when the price drops to $99.

#3.)  HD TVs. In 2009, the cheapest 42-inch plasma you could get at Best Buy cost just under $500.  Last year, they had one for $370.  This year, it's expected to drop to $299.

--And the same applies for bigger TVs too.  In 2009, the cheapest 55-inch HDTV cost $1,115.  In 2010, it was around $700.  And by the end of this year, you'll be able to get one for around $600.

#4.)  Laptops. In 2009, the cheapest price DealNews.com found for a bare-bones laptop with a decent processor was $299 for a Dell.

--Last year, Hewlett Packard had one that was selling for only $220.  And this year, you should be able to get one for right around $200.

--For a faster PC with a dual-core processor, it's more like $400.

#5.)  External Hard Drives for Your Computer. Two years ago, you could get a two-terabyte hard drive . . . which is 1,000 gigabytes . . . for $140.  Last year it was more like $100.

--But this year, the price is expected to fall even further, to around $50.