Forbes has just come out with their annual list of most bankable Actors and the top 5 consists of 2 Twilight stars, a princess, a sorcerer and a friend of the Autobots.

According to Forbes, the list is determined by looking at the last three movies for each actor, in the past 5 years,  that was released on 500 screens or more and combined with the overall box office receipts.

Primarily riding high on the power of 'Twilight,' Kristen Stewart tops this year's annual list. For every dollar Stewart is paid her films earn an average of $55.83. In real-life Robert Pattinson may be Stewart's #1, but according to Forbes, Edward's alter-ego comes in at #3 pulling down an average of $39.43 for every dollar he is paid.

Sitting pretty in between 'Bella' and 'Edward' is everyone's favorite 'Princess,' Anne Hathaway, who with the huge success of 'Alice In Wonderland,' earns $46.57 for every dollar she is paid.

Another huge movie franchise was the Harry Potter series, pulling in $7.7 billion worldwide, and because of that success, Daniel Radcliffe ranks #4 on the list. For every $1 the Potter star was paid his films earned $34.24.

Rounding out the Top 5 is last years #1, Shia LeBeouf, mainly on the success of his role as 'Sam Witwicky' in the Transformer series. For every $1 LaBeouf was paid his films earned $29.40.

If you want to see where your favorite Actor landed on this year's list, here is the complete rundown.