I love how ingenuitive people can be, by taking one idea and creating a even better idea.  Having a meal delivered is great and convenient, but having a meal delivered by parachute is awesome!  An Australian company called Jafflechutes has taken the meal delivery system to another level.  They have an awesome way to deliver grilled cheese sandwiches.

No they don't parachute the grilled cheese to your house.

How it works:

  • You pay for your sandwich on PayPal
  • Select a time
  • Go and stand on the X at the mystery location you are given
  • Wait for your sandwich to float down

Check this out:

Just by watching the video a few kinks need to be worked out, but hey it's food from the sky.

A regular grilled cheese with cheese and tomato $5

A grilled cheese with ham $6

They are looking to bring Jafflechutes to New York.

I can see this working in Amarillo, however it would need to be burritos.  I see more people eating burritos around here than grilled cheese.