As Lori had mentioned in an earlier story, today is 'Love your pet day.'

In her Top 5 list of ways to celebrate, I was surprised she didn't put 'bring your pet to the office.'

If I could, I'd bring MeMe (dog) and Diva (cat) in every chance I had. I'd fix her up with her little bed, pillow along with food and water and she could hang out with me. I find that there's something very therapeutic and calming about petting my 'lil munchkins.

That's not really an issue for those who are able to work from home. But that benefit can also have it's drawback, especially if you have a playful and curious cat in the house.

Here's a video of a bunch of cats that are trying to help out their 'human pet' while trying to do get some work done.

Let me know some of the funny things you pet does.