Do You Talk About Politics At Work?
A new survey by the American Psychological Association reveals that 25% of American workers are stressed because of political conversations that take place at work. Are you among that group?
15 Epically Passive Aggressive Office Notes
When you're working in close quarters with the same people for long periods of time, the air can get a bit hostile now and then. While there's no way everyone in an office can get along perfectly, there are a few employees who find it hard to tolerate offensive actions, like eating other p…
5 Bad Work Habits That Can Get You Fired
Nobody's perfect, but even the best of us is occasionally going to come up short at the office. But there’s a difference between the occasional missed meeting and a career full of bad work habits that remain unbroken. And that difference could cost you your job.
The TxDOT Report For Amarillo
Amarillo area drivers should expect more lane closures to possibly affect the way you head off to work and school in the mornings. Rerouting maybe in effect for you to find the fastest way home.
The Road Work Report
If you didn't notice the road work happening this morning as you were heading off to work and taking the kids to another day of school, well wait till you head home form work. Look out for road construction around the Amarillo and Canyon areas.

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