Hometown Hero: Taylor-Ann Hathcock

Occupation: Kid/Student

Submitted By: Leslie Hathcock

Taylor-Ann has been so loving and caring to our community. In the past 365 days, Taylor-Ann has fed local children ( 50 ) for the entire summer 2012. She has provided new shoes, books, pillow cases and blankets. She gathered friends and picked up trash for Earth day and planted trees at a local school. She raised more than $3600 for Don Harrington Cancer Center. She helped ten children go through a safety course from Crime Stoppers. She gave and gathered for victims of the Moore tornado. Now, she's gathering personal care items for Ronald McDonald House.

She never expects a thing in return. She blushes when asked and always replies, " I do it because it makes God proud."

Do you know a man, woman, or child who makes it a point to make a difference in our community? Do you know a parent that works full time and still has it in their heart to volunteer at a local shelter, an EMT who took extra time to make sure your loved one was taken care of, or a child who took it upon themselves to empty their piggybank into a charity donation jar? Here is your chance to let our community honor those people who do so much and expect nothing.