Hometown Heroes: Taylor-Ann Hathcock
Hometown Hero: Taylor-Ann Hathcock
Occupation: Kid/Student
Submitted By: Leslie Hathcock
Taylor-Ann has been so loving and caring to our community. In the past 365 days, Taylor-Ann has fed local children ( 50 ) for the entire summer 2012...
Hometown Heroes: Halston Shipman
Hometown Hero: Halston Shipman
Occupation: Kid (Mowing Lawns)
Submitted By: CMN
Halston is a previous beneficiary of the Children's Miracle Network as a baby/toddler. He has recently discovered that he has been diagnosed with Osteoporosis...
Hometown Heroes: Randi Sue Franklin
Hometown Hero: Randi Sue Franklin
Occupation: Business Owner
Submitted By: Mandi Vernon
Randi Sue owns the local flower shop in Vega. She is a wonderful single mother of 2 high energy young boys. Randi Sue has such a heart of gold...
Hometown Heroes: Scottie Brewer
Hometown Hero: Scottie Brewer
Occupation: Farmers Insurance Agent
Submitted By: Courtney Booth
Scottie is a volunteer for Meals on Wheels and has been as long as I've known him. On Tuesday he went with a friend over to Moore Oklahoma with a truck full of supplies and stayed as long as he could to …
Hometown Heroes: Will Ratliff
Hometown Hero: Will Ratliff
Occupation: Amarillo College
Submitted By: Amanda Graves
Will does ministry for the Glenwood apartment complex. He brings shoes, clothes, school supplies, and Christmas gifts. He gives gift cards, helps fix tires, and helps all of the single mothers in my apartments...
Amarillo's Hometown Heroes!
There are people in our community who do things to make a difference and don't ask for any recognition what-so-ever, but that doesn't mean that they don't deserve any. That is what this part of our website is all about.

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