It's time for another edition of How It's Made.  I had the privilege of spending the morning at the Amarillo Zoo with Brittany.  She showed me how to make a treat for the Lemurs.  So I got to make a snack for those cute little guys and gals.

So how do you make a Lemur a snack?  Well first you need a log with some holes in it.  Then you need a banana, and of course no Lemur snack would be complete without some worms.  Oh, not just any worms, you need super worms.

Let me just say, EWWWWWWW!!!!

OK, let's talk about those worms.  I am used to earthworms.  I don't mind fishing.  In fact I have no qualms when it comes to putting a worm on a hook.  However, these worms were creepy.  They had little horns, they were wiggly and not in a cute way.  Their little legs were somewhat sharp.  They kept poking my finger tips.   Ugh!  I still shudder at the thought.

The thing is, not only do Lemurs eat these worms, they LOVE them.  In other countries people cook these worms up and snack on them.  Apparently they are full of protein.

Well, with all that said, the Lemurs enjoyed their snack and I did have fun making the food (except the worms).

You should go check out these guys at the Amarillo Zoo.  In fact the Amarillo Zoo is open all Summer long and they have some fun activities for the entire family.