Biti Pies to Make Its QVC Debut
If you have lived in Amarillo any period to time, then you know about these delicious tiny cakes and pies called Biti Pies. Well Biti Pies are getting a new look and a whole new market.
Meet Stephanie Tucker with the Amarillo Venom
Welcome to another edition of Lori's Community Insider.   Today I got to interview a member of our community who works very hard.  This episode is all about Stephanie Tucker.  Stephanie is the owner of the Amarillo Venom Indoor Football Team.
Shaggy is the Perfect Cuddle Puppy and Needs a Forever Home
This week the Amarillo SPCA brought us Shaggy.  Shaggy is such a sweet girl.  I kept calling her a Benji dog.  She's a medium size terrier mix and is in need of a good home.  When she was surrendered at the Amarillo SPCA she was so scared and wouldn't let many near her, now she longs for cuddles and…

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