If that title scared you, don't worry dad had one of those nifty GoPro cameras that fit on your head.  Kristen Dickerson went into labor at 42-weeks (I'm sure she was ready), and her husband Troy Dickerson caught the whole ordeal on video as they are speeding down the highway at 95 mph.  Let's just say they made it to the hospital, but not in the hospital in time.  Here's the video.  Don't worry the messy parts are censored.

ABC News | ABC Sports News

I must say I am a weenie when it comes to pain, I was comfortably numb when I had my son. I cannot imagine the pain she was feeling or the terror as she started delivering her baby in the car and finished giving birth outside the hospital.

I wouldn't want all my glory on video for the whole world to see but I must admit that was a pretty amazing video.

I gotta hand it to her, I expected a lot more cursing.