Ice Cream is one of the best treats you can find on a hot summer day.  So it makes perfect sense that July is National Ice Cream Month.  Ice Cream seems to date back to around 400 BC.  No one is credited with the invention, but whoever decided to mix stuff with ice to make this creamy deliciousness would get a giant hug from me.

Now the first account of ice cream in the US was in 1744 in a letter and the first advertisement for ice cream was in the New York Gazette in 1777.  It has been said that George Washington spent over $200 on ice cream in one summer. Back then that was a lot of money.

So what makes Ice Cream so awesome?

Well first of all, it is delicious, and comes in so many way.

Just plain vanilla ice cream is awesome


You can make a delicious sundae- hot fudge, caramel, strawberry, pineapple, peanut butter any way you like it or just keep it old school.

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Milkshakes are the perfect portable ice cream

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Ice Cream Cakes -Cake and Ice Cream together as one

Waffle cones are the most delicious holder for ice cream

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Banana Split - It's Bananas!  A total indulgence but sooooo good!

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Fried Ice Cream - I know it seems like an oxymoron but it is a unique way to eat ice cream


Texas is the Home of Blue Bell Ice Cream- It's the best!  We are so lucky!

Plus you can't go wrong with homemade ice cream.  Your arm will want to fall off after all that cranking, but it is so worth it. (OK, I plug mine in and let a motor do all the work)

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It lead the way for everything else:

Frozen Yogurt

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I must stop, this is making me hungry.

However the best way to have ice cream is to share with someone you love.

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