So I have been having a problem with fruit flies.  Every single summer they try to take over my house.  I try to keep my fruit put up and the sink cleaned out, but they still come and take over my kitchen.  So I started researching some ways to get rid of them or to at least catch them and I found a couple of ideas on Pinterest so I thought I would test them out.

Life Hack Test: Success!

So here's what you need:

a glass jar (i had a small mason jar in the pantry)

a piece of plastic wrap big enough to cover the jar

a toothpick (I used a skewer because it was in the drawer and close)

Rubber band (i used a ponytail holder because I couldn't find a rubber band)

Piece of fruit (I chose a banana because again, it was all I had)


Take the fruit and put a piece in the jar.  Cover the jar with the plastic wrap and secure it with the rubber band.  Poke one big hole in the center and then a few tiny holes for air flow.  Then sit back and watch the flies get trapped.  For some reason they can find the hole to get the fruit but they can't find it to get out.