During the summer a lot of school districts across the country started implementing new rules which ban teacher/student interaction on social media.


They passed rules that banned teachers from interacting with students on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Should rules like this be passed when it comes to the student/teacher relationship.

Do you think rules like this stem from inappropriate relationships between students and teachers?    As long as there has been teachers and students, there has always been an instance of inappropriate relationships between an educator and a student.  However, do you think with today's technology it has made it easier for situations like this to happen.

Do you think that a school district has the right to limit a teachers use of social media?  I know over the last few years a few teachers have been fired because of comments they posted on their Facebook pages.

Sometimes using social media can be helpful when it comes to certain things.  I think if teachers can find a way to use it to benefit their students, it would be a great thing.

I hate that we live in a world where something that is a great way to communicate has turned into something so negative.

I would love to hear your opinions on this topic.  We will be talking about it tomorrow on Mornings with Mix.

Should teachers and students be banned from interacting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Why or why not? Do you know of any teachers or students, who got themselves in trouble? What happened?