When I first heard the word, Ice Cream Cinnamon rolls I thought I was dreaming.  Really Ice Cream Cinnamon rolls?  I must try these Ice Cream Cinnamon Rolls.  I asked around and found out you can get these tasty culinary treats at My Portable Pantry.

It isn't just an ordinary cinnamon roll, it is the mack daddy of all cinnamon rolls, it's and Ice Cream Cinnamon Roll.


There is nothing like the smell of cinnamon rolls wafting through the house on a weekend morning.  What's even better is the smell of cinnamon rolls on Christmas Morning.

So if you want to taste these pieces of heaven join us tomorrow.  Not only that, you can sample their meatballs and chicken pot pies.

I'll be broadcasting live from

My Portable Pantry

Hillside and Bell


Not only do they offer these tasty treats they offer a whole menu of delicious food and that home cooked food for when you don't want to cook.

Come see us tomorrow!