So last week I told you that I had re-upped my Netflix subscription.  I was asking about what series I should watch and I chose Sons of Anarchy.  I had heard really good things about the show and how well it was written, so I jumped in headfirst.

I have an obsessive issue when it comes to books and shows, so I watched 53 episodes of Sons of Anarchy in the last week.  So Friday night I am watching the last episode of season 4.  It was great and I go to start season 5 and it wasn't there, it hasn't been put on Netflix yet.  So what did I do, I screamed, "NOOOOO!"

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

There is something frustrating about getting into a show and realizing that it doesn't move any further and you have to wait.

I waited about 12 hours until I could get to Hastings and rent SOA season 5.  I only got through 2 discs, so I will have to rent the other two sometime this week.  I was really hoping to catch up on this series before I got too far into season 6.

So let's just say I was royally irritated when I couldn't watch any further.

So with that said and my episodes of SOA watched as far as I could go, I decided to pick up a book I had been reading.  I dived in and read.  I am currently reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.  I was reading book 2 Insurgent on my Kindle.  So I am reading and I'm into the book on Sunday afternoon, I come to this intense scene and I'm on the edge of my seat and flip the page thinking it would be the next chapter.  Nope, it was the acknowledgements.  So I scream again, "NOOOOO!"  I hop on Amazon to download the next book in the series only to find out that it doesn't come out until October 22nd.

Yep, royally irritated again.

So what did I do, I got up and cleaned my kitchen and did 4 loads of laundry.

I still find myself slightly irritated this morning.


So what shows have you been sucked into on Netflix only to get through most of the seasons and find out the last season isn't available yet?

What about a book series?