Grow Your Home Library and Help Out the Amarillo Public Library
With the invention of new technology each and every day, we find ourselves offered new and inventive ways to do things.  Nowadays you can pull up a book on a tablet, Kindle, Nook, etc.  There isn't a need for an actual book, but there is something about holding and opening a book and that book smell…
Speed Dating A Book
Have you ever participated in a speed dating event?  Well this isn't one of those dating events.  If you love to read and you are always asking yourself and other people.  What should I read next?  Have you read any good books lately?  Are you asking your Facebook frien…
Rick’s 5 Top Favorite Smells
I was in the office of one of my co-workers earlier today and I noticed he had a bottle of rubber cement on his desk. He had been working on a project, so I decided to unscrew the top and take a 'whiff.'

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