Halloween is tomorrow.  Kids are getting excited about trick or treating and dressing up in silly costumes.  But for some kids in North Dakota, the fun is going to be ruined by a woman handing out 'fat letters' to chunky kids.

First off, I want to state that I believe all parents should try their best to keep their kids healthy.  But each family is different and I don't think anybody should tell a mother or father how to raise their kids.

Halloween is meant to be fun.  It is the one day out of the year that my son can eat as much candy as he wants to.  He can wear his costume all day, heck even sleep in it if he wants to.  So when I see or hear of someone going out of their way to be mean, that irritates me.

A woman in North Dakota has decided that this year she is going to pick and choose who to give candy to.  She will be deciding if your kid is overweight or not.  If she feels they are, she will be handing them a letter to give to their parents.  Check out the letter below.


It is kind of hard to read so here is what it says:

Happy Halloween and Happy Holidays neighbor!

You are probably wondering while your child has this note; have you ever heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child?"  I am disappointed in "the village" of Fargo, Moorehead, West Fargo.

You child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this Halloween season.

My hope is that you will step up as a parent and ration candy this Halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits.

Thank You

My son is not obese, but if he was and brought me this letter to me, I'd be furious!  This lady has no idea about the medical background of these kids.  They could have any number of issues that she has no idea about.  And what if you have two kids, one skinny and one a little chunky.  Does she give one candy and the other a note?   This is just messed up all together.

What do you think?  Is she just thinking about these kid's futures or is she over stepping her boundaries.