If I never heard the word "twerk" again I would be happy, but hey it's in the dictionary now so I guess it's here to stay.  I had a friend of mine send me a link to a youtube video yesterday.  Her exact words were, "you have to watch this, OMG, my daughter just told me that this is going around."  Let me just say I watched the video and my jaw dropped.  See it for yourself.

Warning: This video contains profanity profanity.  My friend went on to tell me that her teenage daughter said that this is the song that all the girls like to dance to, apparently its a new thing, the Gas Pedal Dance.  It's nothing but twerking and booty shaking and I guess that in itself is the same thing.

I'm an literally shaking my head.

Just so I don't inundate you with a ton of "Gas Pedal Dance" videos in this post, click this link to see the massive amounts of videos posted to Youtube about this dancy.

I know that this generation is being raised in a very sexually visual world, but how do we as parents protect our children.

I have no doubt in my mind that there is a 15, 14, 12, 17 etc, year old girl right here in our town, doing her best to learn these graphic moves and this graphic profanity to show it off to a young man or even a video posted to the internet.

Where did out morals go?  When did this become OK?

Heck, in my day (yes, I really did just type that, sheesh!  I'm getting old) Dirty Dancing (the movie) was considered dirty.

All I can say is parents, please teach your children values, teach them that this isn't an appropriate way to act.  Teach them that they need to be valued and respected and when they present themselves in a way like this, it is disrespectful to themselves.

I understand kids will be kids, however, in my head, this isn't even acceptable for an adult to do.


Maybe I'm overreacting.  However, my gut tells me I'm not.

Thank you Lord for giving me a boy.