Remember when you were in grade school playing at recess and one of the games you would play would be freeze tag.   The person who was "it" had to touch you to freeze you and to be unfrozen you had to have friend come and touch you.  It was all good clean fun.  However, what once was a fun game has turned into something that is downright disgusting.  A group of 5th graders in a Minnesota Elementary Schools have been playing "Rape Tag."

According to a letter sent out by Washington Elementary School Principal Bill Young:

On January 10th a 5th grade parent informed me that 5th grade students were playing a game called “rape tag”. The parent described rape tag as similar to freeze tag except that a person had to be humped to be unfrozen.

It just amazes me where today's society is going.  A group of 5th graders...5th GRADERS, playing a game called rape tag.

Luckily, the Principal and teachers put a stop to the game and had class discussions on why this game was not appropriate.  Then followed up the discussions with a letter to parents.

As a parent this scares me.  I have a son who will be starting school soon, and who knows what kind of ideas will be floating around when he gets older.

As parents and educators how can we put a stop to games such as "rape tag."